The impressive Kaiser Acoustics Kawero!® Grande flagship speakers are nearly 6 feet tall and are assembled from two separate enclosures – each speaker weighs approximately 509 pounds. The rear-firing woofer is a 15″ Audio technology with a sandwich cone and 4″ hybrid voice coil in a ported enclosure (Kawero Classic has 10″ with 3″ VC). The midrange driver is an 8″ Scan-Speak Ellipticor with a paper cone (Kawero Classic 6.5″ AT with specially coated PP cone).

Due to the increase in size and cone area we had to add a low midrange/upper bass unit in the front which is an AudioTechnology 12” with sandwich cone and 3” voice coil in closed box. Why closed box? Because we want to have very fast bass for basedrums and kickbass. 

We also love our custom made new RAAL 70-20XR. Since our partnership with Audionote Kondo Japan we have the permission to use their famous silver cable for the primary windings of the RAAL transformer. This had a big improvement on the sound.

The sound with Kondo wired transformer is more natural and smooth even with very high loads.


  • 4-way-system with time- and phase-optimized crossover
  • two Custom made RAAL 70-20 XR Tweeters with amorphous core and special Audionote Kondo silver wiring on the primary winding.
  • All woofers custom made by AudioTechnology, Denmark.  New Carbonpaper Sandwich Cone.
  • New midrange Scan Speak Ellipticor
  • Tankwood / rubber sandwich cabinet
  •  (same stiffness as aluminium but much better damping)
  • The upper part is separated from the lower part and is put together on site.
  • Stillpoint “Ultra 5” Stainless Steel Feet

Dimensions and weight:

  • Height: 70,86 in (180 cm)
  • Width: 24,40 in (62cm)
  • Depth: 30,70 in (78cm)
  • Weight: 509 lbs (235 kg) each