Kondo Auido Note Japan Ongaku video

How do you properly present ultra high-end product and create an utmost gear lust while radiating urge of proud ownership even before getting into the submarine pocket depths? This video explores the refined emotional, artisanal and profound take on the tube art design. 
Touch of class, style and timeless aura? Many still didn’t see this particular Kondo Audio Note Japan video where KONDO Audio Note president Ashizawa Masaki presents the ONGAKU Amplifier and other products via Glenmorangie promotional video.
With the sky-high prices we’re witnessing in high-end audio in past few years, the dedication for the luxurious identity is surely something to be explored more seriously by the companies wanting to reach the consumers who’re used of finest presentations and exquisite products quality already established by the Haute Horlogerie and Haute Couture industry.