Kostas Metaxas lecture on Purist Recording

I was asked to lecture on purist analogue tape recording techniques at the Munich Hi End Hi Fi Show in 2012. Here is an edit including some recording excerpts. One of my biggest pleasures in life is recording music. It is an indescribeable pleasure – bliss. Particularly when all the planets are aligned – when the musician is “in the zone”, the audience is on the edge of their seats…you literally get “lost in the music”. Sadly I wasn’t able to release lots of this music, only use excerpts for Broadcast TV interviews, but the pure pleasure was worth it. From 2003 to 2008, I recorded over 300 concerts including covering 2 Melbourne Jazz Festivals , 2 Bangalow Classical Music Festivals, over 50 Opera Australia Operas, The Asia-Pacific Chamber Music competition, and many others. In 2005 I was sponsored by BMW to record a series of concerts at the FEDERATION SQUARE “Edge” Concert Hall. This gorgeous glass/wood/steel venue was one of my favourite venues. I also worked closely with Andrew Wales, conductor of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir to record many of their concerts at the Town Hall [ including 3 Messiahs] and both St Patrick’s and St Paul’s Cathedrals. As an artist, I viewed every opportunity as an experiment to extend the recording art. Many of these recording are my most treasured “references”. – Kostas Metals.