KR Audio VA 200 monoblocks NEW

“KR Audio Electronics proudly announces the addition of the new VA 200 monoblocks using a KR 842vhd tube application to our fine line up of hi-end amplifiers. The VA 200 has a circletron circuit which features a floating cathode, neither single-ended or push pull.”

VA200 – Preliminary Data

Dual Mono-block Amplifier
Technical Data ( one channel )
Power Tubes 8 x KR842
Output Stage circlotron, class A
Output Power 200 WRMS (THD=1%)
Output Impedance 4, 8 Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz ÷40KHz (-3dB)
Global Feedback zero
Input Sensitivity 1VRMS / 100kΩ @ 200W
Power requirements 230/115VAC , 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1kVA
Operating temperature 5C° to 40C°
Weight Approx. 40Kg
Dimensions including projecting parts and controls (w/h/d)
Approx. 38.5 x 28 x 55 cm