Krispy Audio Cable Elevators

Krispy Audio Cable laser cut from walnut veneered plywood. On the photo with Vermouth Audio Red Velvet loudspeaker cable. 

These versatile cable elevators are designed to achieve two objectives; 

  • 1. Position cables away from the ground, which is acting as a large dielectric and negatively affecting the natural electrical field that electrical cables create. 
  • 2. Dissipate vibration in two ways – natural compliance of the plywood, and the damping/compliance of the silicone band.

They can also reduce the effects of static on carpeted floors, and on floating timber floors a cable may inadvertently be positioned near a copper pipe or power cable, and so elevating it from the ground eliminates the chances of this too.

We designed these elevators to be used with or without the included silicone bridge, and the bridge can simply hold the cable, or can grip the cable as it’s a dual layer. This improves the damping on the cable, as well as allows you to move it around without having to reposition every time. It will simply go with the cable. 

Laser cut from walnut veneered plywood, these are supplied raw as pictured. They can be used as is, or varnished for a more prominent and slightly darker look. 

Designed to be flat packed, you can apply a drop of PVA glue to permanently adhere the two pieces of each elevator so they don’t come apart each time you move them. 

  • Sold as a set of 6. 
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia.