La Boite Concept LP 160 all in one music system

What would you place into your working room, dinning room or small private chambers for some fun listening? Here is an interesting future/retro all in one music system concept by french company La Boite Concept. LP 160 implements custom Atoll AB amplifiers, DAC and even ribbon based multi driver custom speakers….
LP was the brainchild of an idea by Timothée Cagniard, co-founder of the company, and three years of development carried out by La Boite concept’s R&D laboratory in Aquitaine France (Basque country).
The aim was to create a very high quality loudspeaker which allows the optimal use of both traditional and more modern audio sources, without needing any particular set-up or visible cables.
In accordance with traditional Hi-Fi fundamentals, LP’s analogue amplifier delivers a warm, natural sound and also integrates the latest digital sound treatment, so it is truly part of the era of dematerialised Hi-Fi music. Its digital audio file converter (32 bits Atoll DAC), precisely delivers dynamic high quality of sound, whatever the source being used (wireless devices, TV box, computers or turntables). Its integrated storage space allows it to store the most high performance sources and wireless receivers on the market rationally and discreetly. One power socket is all you need to make the whole audio system work.
LP is an innovative interpretation of the classic, separate element Hi-Fi system. Its All-in-one design means it can contain an optimal, made to measure selection of top of the range loudspeakers, converters and amplifiers.
LP is a very high quality, consistent system that has been developed without any compromises. All of LP’s components have been developed specifically for it, in order to optimise each setting and combination of acoustics and electronics. This high quality playback is possible thanks to close collaboration between La Boite concept’s laboratory in the South west of France, specialised in loudspeaker development (a family tradition for 3 generations), and Atoll, a company from Normandy (Nor- th West) which is specialised in top quality audio systems.
3 years of research was necessary to create a design that reproduces all frequencies in a dynamic and linear way. Its exclusive system means that, despite its compact size, it offers natural listening conditions, very close to those obtained when listening to an orchestra live. Optimising the whole signal processing chain, via pre-amplification, converters, amplification, and filtering, to the loudspeakers offers unprecedented performance. LP clears the tones of extreme frequencies and gives a pure dynamic to sound recordings so you are always as close as possible to the original sound.
LP was designed by Timothée Cagniard, co-founder of La Boite concept, and by Yvon Maurel, La Boite technical director. Timothée input all his family’s knowledge of traditional Hi-Fi and his vision of how it is used today in order to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. For his part, Yvon Maurel, an electro-acoustic PhD, has been a resear- cher in the field for 15 years and is well-known for having created many prestigious loudspeakers.


The two loudspeakers situated at the back in phase with those at the front have their own internal reflectors to give them incomparable sound stability. La Boite concept’s international patented Wide sound 2.0® offers total immersion and enlarged stereo sound thanks to its sound reflexion, no matter where the LP 160 is in the room and whatever its use.

8 exclusive La Boite concept speakers :
– 2 x double cell ribbon tweeters achieving extremely high frequencies up to 35 kHz
– 2 x mid-range cones in mixed cellulose and fibreglass. Aluminium directivity phase Bullet. Long excursion 4» aluminium chassis
– 2 x cellulose fibre woofer, 6.5» long excursion aluminium chassis. 2 dual chamber subwoofers
– 2 x back Wide sound 2.0 speakers, 2.75» wide band cellulose fibre, 45o orientation
Exclusive Atoll amplifier:
– 2 x double stage symmetrical AB amplifiers, 2 x 80 Watts RMS 6.2 ohms
– 170va custom toroidal transformer, MKP components in high quality polypropylene. Very low feedback (-1%), configured to the La Boite concept loudspeakers. Loudness function (push button) for reinforced bass sound without distortion.
– 2U deck space: 45.5 cm x 40 cm rigid and insulated (neoprene surface) allowing the use of discs (CD, Sacd, Vinyl, Blu-ray), Streamers and Tuner radios. Front opening allows for handling even in closed position. Record deck, Atoll phono pre-amp with ground plug, low noise level components, high quality polypropylene condensers, totally symmetrical schema.
– Atoll Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC optical input (32 bits/384 kHz, snr: 112 dB) Spdif toslink, input 1 toslink and input 2 coaxial: means Hi-Fi signal processing for all discs cd, sacd, Blu-ray, Box, and streamers equipped with an optical output. Input 3 treats the hi-fi signal of wireless boxes (compatible with Sonos®, AirPlay® AirPort Express®) which have an optical output
– Integrated high definition La Boite concept Bluetooth module (Apt-X) with Burr-Brown converter, compatible with all Bluetooth devices (tablets, iPad®, smartphones, iPhone®)
– Wireless box integration module. System which gives you the possibility of adding an additional wireless box. Integrated 220v socket and optical input to improve the restitution quality of these receivers.
Dimensions: h x w x d: 80 x 90 x 49 cm
Weight: 36.5 kg (legs and covers included)
LP 160 has a rigid, wooden cabinet. The control panels are manufactured from solid aluminium. The side support legs and covers are made to your choice (can be detached for transportation) in black lacquered piano-like plywood or solid oak tree.