LampizatOr MC1 phono preamplifier launch

Lukasz Fikus writes:  “Myself and my Altium Guru, my Paganini of Altium, spent 8 weeks designing this stellar PCB. It is by far our best and most sophisticated PCB ever, doubling the sophistication of Pacific DAC. It includes among other: 4 layer design with extreme external layers being full copper ground shields.


  • Separate layer for signal, separate for functions
  • Quadruple copper thickness
  • Fully gold plated all 4 layers and shields and grounds
  • Minimum 4x over specification of all parameters: voltages, currents, temperatures and power – per every component, all for extreme longevity and reliability
  • The PCB is optimised for absolutely shortest signal lines, lowest noise floor and explosive dynamic response.
  • Cartridge signal is treated as floating balanced, and as such is processed in balanced mode (differential). 
  • Zero feedback design, also in RIAA.