Lefson graphite/silver resistors

This might of interest for some of you. Custom made, high performance pure silver / carbon audio resistor from France…
The LEFSON RESISTOR is a very high performance pure silver / carbon audio resistor. It contains a pure graphite resistive element and two pure silver leads. Suitable for speaker crossover or Emitter/Source resistor of transistors in preamplifier/amplifier, the LEFSON RESISTOR is pushing up the limits of sound reproduction.
The three lines PREMIUM, SUPRA and ULTRA allow the user to choose the level of required performance. Near zero inductance and distortion, heat sinkable, mechanical earthing possibility, incredible neutrality, the LEFSON RESISTOR is the ultimate solution to improve any analog circuitry.

    – Pure carbon resistive element

    – Pure silver (99.9%) strong leads + 24K Gold plating
    – Power rated : 4 to 10W
    – Non-inductive
    – Zero distorsion
    – Tolerance: ±5%
LEFSON is a french company that design, manufacturer, and offer global sales of high-end electronic audio. It’s set in Boulogne-sur-Mer and founded in 2013 by a French engineer Xavier Lefebvre.
During few years, he worked in the biggest recording studios in Paris and frequently with the best French engineers.
Combining his passion for electronics and his experience in studio recording, he decided to start an unique project : to design analog audio devices able to outperform the best known ones and to provide the user with functional innovations. This was the beginning of a great work of experimentation.
Hundreds of custom ohmic values are available according to following intervals : 
Link: here.