LessLoss “C-MARC™ is not like ordinary cable, where you can tear off the plastic insulation in an instant with a wire stripper tool. With C-MARC™, you have to in a sense “create plastic” where you want stiffer protection. We carry this out by hand winding fine cotton thread and adding a few carefully placed drops of Cyanoacrylate glue. The cotton fibre self-amalgamates in reaction to the glue, forming something akin to an epoxy impregnated fibre laminate when it hardens. Thus, the prepared endings’ contacts are cemented into place before we attach the connectors. It takes a skilled technician with a steady hand and a good hour or more of labor to prepare just a single ending. Not your most production friendly process, but one that is so hypnotically beautiful in resulting quality and maturity of tone, we are sure this is the winning formula for superb sound you’ll want to stick with!”

Shipping schedule, or: “So, how much longer do I have to wait?”

We began last week and have ramped up production this week. Some items are already prepared for shipment. Many orders are near completion at this point. The back log of pre-orders is pretty long, but we are beginning to glean our production tempo working with these new materials. Deliveries start in just a couple of days as we work down the roster. It may be that all pre-orders will have been shipped within 14-21 days!
Labor intensive production is putting it mildly. There are some 64 meters of C-MARC™ core braid per meter of Triax cable. By “core braid” I mean that the first braiding step is about 0.7mm of D=0.125mm wire! That is a LOT of intertwined, counter-polarized windings in a single meter of cable. Like never before.