LessLoss C-MARC™ wire NEW

Something good is brewing
“Out of all this unending work on our Skin-filtering technology, from our own continuous research into nuances of build and results achieved, over the course of some six years we began to glean a new possibility for a new line of cables.

As test after test continued, manufacturing considerations also progressed. Our innovations required manufacturing techniques that suggested the promise of a product with even better noise reduction than our previous efforts, and most fortuitous of all, might turn out through scale of manufacturing, to be in fact less expensive to manufacture than our current top-of-the-line product.

Our untiring struggle has indeed brought fruit through intense cooperative efforts between LessLoss and our production contractors, and we now know that we will be able to offer a more capable product at a price smaller than in the past. Performance goes up, and prices go down. That’s what we call progress.

Everything we have done until this point has been leading to the creation of the new C-MARC™ wire and cable products. Introducing the new C-MARC™ wire and cable products is certain to be one of the great milestones for LessLoss and our family of customers.”