LessLoss Laminar Streamer SD Card Player update

To help acquaint us with the strange world of the $91,181 Laminar Streamer SD Card Player, Louis Motek made two videos to show just how much effort was put into the build of its enclosure. In fact, he states, it is much less a typical “box” whose sole function is to get the enclosed electronics from one place to another without getting short circuited. Every element of its curvy appearance is tied in with its objective as a 100% purpose-built machine of cosmic performance. 
What appears upon first sight to be a space-age looking aluminum and/or plastic enclosure turns out to be made of 100% steel and german Panzerholz weighing in at over half the weight of a human being! Everything is so precision milled that the thing has virtually no acoustic resonance of its own. To show this, watch Louis Motek turn some audio gear into a drum set he plays to show you what he means by truly high performance:

And if that weren’t enough, he further shows how what you think might be the sound of the enclosure turns out almost entirely to be the sound of his own bones!
I think we can start to get a good grasp of what he means when he says that nothing has been left to chance when we hear this type of performance. Upgrading the enclosure is simply out of the question. This goes far beyond what many do even to sensitive turntables. 
Stay tuned for more as the LessLoss Laminar Streamer makes its way over by courier for its world premier review!