LittleZoe tube high-end amplifier update

“LittleZoe is a concept high-end amplifier. Its original design explores the revolutionary idea of attaining effective resonance control. The innovative chassis architecture eliminates any noise that affects the tubes and promotes the rendering of dynamic and vivid sound. In that way LittleZoe becomes a new reference in tube amplifiers design. Furthermore LittleZoe is hand made, built with selected, mostly custom high quality parts.”

LittleZoe. A state of the art tube amplifier with outstanding performance and an elegance that goes beyond modernity.

Vacuum Tubes Design Limitations
Tubes give the absolute analog, organic, pleasant sound. There is more, magic.
Purists dive in a search of exotic components to get the most of this magic.
But no matter what, the tubes are “living” components, which react with the other parts of the amplifier. They are affected from surrounding sounds, the speakers and the environment. This resonance can cause microphonic sounds, ringing and distortion.
What makes LittleZoe exceptional
LittleZoe concept focuses on discarding noises that prevent the quiet operation of the tubes to promote sound purity.
Two major design choices were made in order to eliminate resonances and improve overall sound clarity and definition:
* Building a solid non-resonant chassis to dampen noises in the mass of the body.
* Isolating the huge transformers from the chassis and routing their energy outside the amplifier, to the ground.
Solid Body
To achieve a “silent” background to the music, LittleZoe is assembled on a solid, one-piece body.
The body is made by a special formula of fibered resin, using a complex, layered moulding technique.
The material has the effect of stone. Any resonances vanish to the mass leaving the tubes unaffected by all other components.
Effective Dampening
Transformers produce a serious amount of vibrations.
LittleZoe’s transformers are decoupled from the rest of the body with isolators.
Attached on a metal sub chassis, their energy is driven to the ground through cones and therefore not affecting the tubes.
EL34 or 6550 editions
LittleZoe comes pre-tuned for EL34 tubes and its direct replacements, or for 6550 tubes – depending on the user’s taste.
Each version differs only in the tuning of the tubes and can be easily retuned if desired.
Handmade custom power and output transformers.
Custom backlit meters.
Special quality audio grade capacitors and selected components.
Regulated H.V. DC supply for voltage amplifier sections.
Manual Bias tuning
LittleZoe’s concept is based on achieving ultimate performance.
Circuit design favours simplicity over convenience and requires matched tubes.
Flexible volume control
LittleZoe uses a high quality stepped attenuator for volume control.
An extra switch in the front panel provides additional flexibility for low volume levels – at late night sessions or when using very sensitive speakers.
Push-Pull operation
Class AB1, Ultralinear
Modified Williamson topology
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 30KHZ (-2db)
12db total negative feedback
Sensitivity for full power: 150mV
Output: 2x45W RMS
5 RCA inputs
Separate 4, 8 Ω out
Tubes: 2x ECC82 , 2x ECC81
Power Tubes: 4x EL34 and it’s direct replacements, or 4x 6550