“Brainchild of Kevin Scott, Living Voice was established in 1990. With a cult following amongst music lovers and ‘high-end’ audio enthusiasts, Living Voice has a long established reputation for delivering sound quality benchmarks. Kevin Scott’s multiple award-winning Living Voice loudspeakers satisfy the needs of the world’s most discerning music listeners with designs that embody innovation, vision and imagination. All Living Voice loudspeakers are infused with a magical quality that elevates the listening experience. The ultimate expression of this magical quality can be found in the Vox Olympian Horn Loudspeaker System which is a unique synthesis of cutting-edge acoustic science and fine art.”

The Beginning

The first Living Voice loudspeaker was the groundbreaking and iconoclastic Air Partner 3-way pure horn. In a world of loudspeakers with vanishingly low sensitivity requiring behemoth power to drive them, the arrival of the Air Partner marked a paradigm shift in loudspeaker design that marched hand in hand with the burgeoning enthusiasm for simple direct heated triode electronics. With 105dB/W sensitivity this loudspeaker launched Living Voice onto the high-end scene in a most emphatic way. Horn loaded loudspeakers are embedded in our DNA.
Shortly after this we introduced the Auditorium – a compact 30 litre floor stander with 94dB/W sensitivity that was designed exclusively with valve electronics. Now in its fifth iteration the Auditorium R25A is celebrating its 25th year and is considered an audio classic.
The Present
We’ve continuously refined, evolved and expanded the Auditorium range of reflex-loaded loudspeakers with five models available in the hierarchy today. The OBX-RW3 is the ultimate expression of this series of loudspeakers.
In 2005 we started developing the Vox Olympian and Vox Elysian 5-way horn loaded speaker system: a seed of an idea that became an exploration of what was possible in absolute performance terms free from any commercial constraints. First shown at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show and later unveiled to an unsuspecting audience at Munich High-End 2013, the Vox Olympian established a new performance benchmark.
Living Voice has been consistently acclaimed year on year by the world’s audio press as redefining what is possible in the art of loudspeaker design.