LST X-GEN LDR Preamplifier

The input board and volume control of the LST X-GEN offer an unprecedented level of signal purity by utilizing Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) as the sole components, in contrast to typical circuits that introduce signal degradation and noise from various components along the signal path.

No amplification circuit

With the ultra-low loss DR circuit in place, there is no need for an additional amplification circuit that would compromise sound quality. This eliminates significant factors such as signal loss, noise interference, and unwanted changes to the sound that typically degrade sound quality. As a result, the LST X-GEN achieves exceptional high resolution and a well-balanced audio experience across
the entire frequency range.

The signal paths exclusively consist of LDRs

The entire circuit, spanning from input to output, solely relies on DRs for signal transmission, with no involvement of any other components. As the audio signal passes through the LDRs, it maintains near-flawless quality, exhibiting remarkable energy and pristine purity.

USB powered

The LST X-GEN operates on a 5V DC USB power source, with a distinct separation between the power circuit and the signal circuit. This ensures that the audio signal remains unaffected by the power supply, preserving its integrity and quality.


  • Size: 320(w) × 255(d) × 85(h) mm
  • Net weight: 8.5kgs (18.7lbs)


  • Remote control
  • USB C type cable
  • User’s manual