Lumenwhite white light anniversary reference monitors NEW

Lumenwhite premieres the “white light anniversary” reference monitors at the Munich high-end show 2015 
Celebrating 15 years of benchmark shifting audio design introduced in 2000, lumen white`s original “white light” reference monitors became instant legends, due to their superlative sonic performance and an unprecedented, innovation-driven assault on the state-of-art in reference loudspeaker design. 
Rated “best in class” (audio art, taiwan), “one of the best audio components of all times” (stereo sound, japan), an “ultimate, absolute reference in every category” (fedeltà del suono, italy), and offering “sonic realism which may prove impossible to surpass” (hörerlebnis, germany) , the “white light” reference monitors featured the world`s first all-ceramic driver array, radically advanced pressure- and flow-dynamics optimized, air-damped, instrument-grade tone-wood cabinets, purist crossover design and numerous further advancements of the art. 
5 years in the making, a completely new generation of significantly advanced, custom designed drivers and continuous advancements of their signatory loudspeaker technologies have prepared the stage for lumen white to introduce the latest generation of their reference monitor speaker designs, the new technologies to be premiered in a special “anniversary” model of the iconic “white light” monitors format, celebrating 15 years of benchmark shifting innovation in high end audio. 

As the original “white lights” did at their introduction, their visionary design and edge-of-the-art technologies destine the “white light anniversary” monitors to once again shatter established limitations and redraw the envelope of what true reference monitoring performance consists of and sounds like. 

The “white light anniversary” reference monitors will be premiered in a mythical white macassar finish at the high end 2015 show in munich, together with the latest generation of lumen white`s acclaimed, limited edition “mystere” air bearing turntable system. the products will be demonstrated at Hall 1 S03 at the high end 2015 show.

3 way system with proprietary lumen white port-, loading- and air-damping technologies. 
  • drivers, cabinet, crossover and components designed, selected and matched for best-in-class spectrum fidelity, impulse precision, time- and phase-coherence, inter-octave energy balance, signal rise- and settling times and freedom from impulse-memory and signal-shadowing effects. 

  • cabinet constructed from custom made, variable density, multiple tone-woods, instrument-grade plywood. acoustically superior to synthetic, metal and most solid wood enclosures due to its more balanced resonance-spectrum behavior and natural, psycho-acoustic sonic signature . available in numerous premium veneers and custom lacquer finishes. 

  • latest generation, custom designed, advanced ceramic and ceradome driver array :
one 1″ ceramic or diamond tweeter, one 5″ ceramic mid-range driver, three 7.5” ceradome woofers. 

  • all drivers featuring 3d, ideal-acoustic-center dome-geometry optimized for negligible impulse-delay and energy-storage effects. best-in-class, sonically “vanishing” spectrum profile when compared to alternative metal, plastic, polymer- and compound membrane technologies. 

  • novel, next-generation “overhung” motor topology, outperforming prior art, over- and under-hung designs, in high linear excursion at significantly reduced distortion when compared to previous ultra-low distortion driver generations and competing high-end transducer designs. 

  • new, advanced, extended cone excursion spider- and surround technologies eliminate the compression artifacts found at the excursion perimeters in alternative designs. 


purist, proprietary, minimal phase design with best resource allocation custom tailoring of both drivers and x-over to the target performance envelope. switchable impedance correction for tube- and solid state amplification. 
Technical specifications forthcoming