“Since its first patent in 1969, Manger Audio has amazed audiophiles throughout the world with its patented Manger sound transducers. Rich and precise, Manger’s goals have always focused on natural sound.”

“That quest to produce natural sound has consistently pushed Manger to develop additional refinements to improve its world-renowned sound.

In 2017 the entire product range benefited from our research with a host of improvements which are now standard for all products.
At the Munich HIGH END 2018, Manger Audio will introduce its newest and most important model for the audiophile community, the p2.
Since it’s a Manger, throw out the normal way of thinking.  The new p2 is a passive speaker featuring an 8″ woofer and two passive radiators with a patented membrane technology on the rear.  The design remains visually elegant and timeless, but significantly increases sound quality with greater bass, larger soundstage, improved clarity, better timing and increased dynamics.
We have taken the challenge of developing a new system that takes what is already exceptional, improves on perceived weaknesses and retains our distinctive form factor. 
Come here for yourself at HIGH END 2018 in Munich, May 10-13 in Atrium 4.2 room F211.”
Price per pair around EUR 13000,-.