MARIGO LABS Mystery Feet F7 Extreme NEW

I’ve just received the email from Ron Hedrich. All new MARIGO LABS Mystery Feet F7 Extreme are finally ready and heading soon to Mono & Stereo for an exclusive review. 
Tt has taken about 18 months but I finally have the new models of Mystery Feet in production. It has taken 70 prototypes built to get to this new model just from our previous generation. The Mystery Feet are unique in that they accomplish isolation, component energy draining, and chassis vibrational pattern normalization, and also component damping optimization.
The Mystery feet installation requires critical listening fine tuning for each component with which they are used. This may take 30 minutes to an hour. But it is an educational experience and the sonic rewards are obvious.
Photos are attached of F7 Extreme. The small tip visible is flat and contacts the shelf. You have a choice of our standard model, RHZ, at $899usd MSRP for a set of 3, or the top model F7 Extreme at $1499usd for a set of 3.