Métronome and Kalista At Munich High-End Audio Show 2023

Métronome and Kalista Staff will welcome you at our unchanged location, with big and good surprises! Every and each edition of this show is the opportunity for us to disclose our new devices and our short-term projects. 2023 won’t be an exception, so don’t miss the visit, to discover the whole range of both Brands, including Kalista DreamPlay X, and participate to the World’s Premiere of AQWO 2 and LE STREAMER. Don’t miss that !”

World’s Premiere at Atrium 4.2 Room F222.
“AQWO was developed and launched in 2018, immediately successful among the audiophiles, and quickly became a best seller. AQWO 2 will appear in a similar but completely new housing, with 100% new electronic design, new DAC processor, new firmware, improved touchscreen, and streaming inside! And of course our famous tube output option will remain embedded.”