Michell Engineering

Michell Engineering writes: ” For over 50 years, Michell Engineering has repeatedly influenced the future of record player design by embracing change.”
1977: The Michell Electronic Reference
1977: The Record Clamp Invention
1982: The GyroDec Suspended Turntable 
1989: The Inverted Bearing Invention
1995: The Michell Orbe Suspended Turntable
1999: The Michell Gyro SE Suspended Turntable
2006: The Michell Orbe SE Suspended Turntable
2020: The Michell Cusis MC Range
Today we are announcing that we are influencing change again. Over the next few years, we will introduce enhancements that will increase the performance of our current turntables while simultaneously creating a new suite of products, including isolation solutions, new tonearms and, of course, new turntables.
These new products will begin arriving in early 2023. 
“Progress is impossible without change.” – Walt Disney
This change starts with our new brand. When Michell was formed by our late, beloved founder, John Michell, it was initially an engineering company, hence Michell Engineering. However, we no longer feel the word Engineering conveys our ethos, so from today onwards, the company will be known simply as Michell, and our strapline is: for the love of music.