A snap with Mr Long in front of his Focal Grande Utopia speaker. He only enjoys CD playback.
Wilson Ng takes us to the modern high-end room and setup Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon.

“Yesterday 17th February 2017 after the coffee shop, we visited a fabulous set up of Mr. Long in Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ). This is what we all call it a super modern hi-end hifi room. It’s a dream of every one. Cheers !!!”

A memorable picture with Catherine.
With Ho Chi Minh Audiophiles in a room of 9.5’H x 14’W x16′ L. Though the room is small but the sound is very acceptable because it’s so well acoustically treated as seen. Plus the gears are all first class. Just need only a little run-in.
Snuggly cuddled up in a small 4 seater couch enjoying music with Catherine standing at the back.
The legendary Focal Grande Utopia. This is the 2nd one heard in Ho Chi Minh City. The 1st was in KL.
Vitus SM-101 100 watts Class A Monoblock.
MBL CD player and its Dac.
Goldmund preamp with its power supply.
Exotic cables – Odin One.