The first pair of Monolith Magnetics Audio Transformers “large core” nanocrystalline “triple C-core” transformers. These are custom 45W pushpull 10k / 4-8 Ohm transformers. The nanocrystalline cores are tailor made for Monolith Magnetics by a reputed manufacturer. Cross-section is considerably larger than the current commercially available ones.

This allows Monolith Magnetics to build SE and PP transformers without restrictions in the low end at full power. The SX-9 (3k3/4-8-16 Ohms) is already available for SE 300B applications. Here too a triple C-core construction is used (pic 3). The standard product range will be expanded in the near future with several nanocrystalline products, both in SE and PP. More about this soon !!