Powered by innovation
When pushing the limits of our DAC, we were unable to find an amplifier revealing enough for the advancements of our technologies.  After scouring the market, we decided to build an amplifier from the ground up, one capable of relaying the music from the DAC to the listener.  Equipped with a more robust design ethos, the M204 comes with state-of-the-art transformers, ground isolation and shielding technology, and a new 20db lower-noise input stage than the M203. Innovation never sounded so good.

Unconventional design

As you’ve probably noticed, the M204 Amplifiers are round.  Function came first as this amplifier evolved with a 360 degree design creating an astonishingly tight core.  Signal paths remain very short through the amplifier from the input to the output.  The custom multistage heatsink design assists in the dissipation of roughly 300 Watts of standby power.
Truly balanced architecture
The amplifier features completely balanced architecture.  No shortcuts.  We’ve also added an additional single-ended input to reward dynamic customization. A simple switch located near the input jacks allows you to switch the amplifier between Single-Ended operation, Balanced (high gain, + 6dB) and Balanced (low gain).
Functional control features

The M204 power controls include “power off”, “standby”, and “power on”.  These are controlled by a subtle lighted toggle switch on the top of the amplifier.  Additional power control can be implemented with the use of 12-Volt triggers on the jack panel. A second lighted toggle switch allows switching between high and low bias.  The low bias mode significantly reduces the energy use of the amplifier for hot environments or non-critical listening.
A modular design
Having made amplifiers for many years, we’ve thought it best to design for the long term. With that in mind, we’ve put all power sensitive devices on a simple power module located in the back of the amplifier.  This allows the AC input to be easily replaced by the end user in case of failure due to a power surge.  Unlike most amplifiers with integrated heatsinks, these are removable from the inner core to be replaced, upgraded, shipped, or serviced.
Core production
Producing the M204 inside of a core enclosure has been a great advancement in its design.  Full and complete production of the cores improves reliability and performance.  Each core undergoes rigorous testing for performance and function before being stocked.  When ordered, a fresh set of metal is installed on the core and it is measured as a complete set for final shipping.  All custom color orders are pulled from stock instead of being a single item production.