The Reference DAC is equipped with MSB’s new Hybrid DAC technology. This technology was first pioneered in the Select DAC and has finally trickled down into a more compact and afordable package.  Unlike the Select’s 8 module design, the Reference DAC has only 4 modules incorporated. A total of 8 channels across these four models are stitched together for a high powered output. The Hybrid module is capable of being dynamically reconfigured to convert PCM or native DSD (Hence the Hybrid name).


Smooth chassis lines, few controls, focused modularity, and high-end quality. Our design statement ensured the best usability and quality as we set out to create a new level of digital-to-analog conversion. The resulting product has set a new reference in the listening experience.
Each DAC is unique
If you choose to deviate from the stock silver or black finish, there are other bold choices you can make. MSB will provide custom finishes upon request, but this will add increased production time. All MSB DAC’s have the serial number and customer information programmed directly into the unit. As a result, each DAC is unique, singular, and unparalleled.
A display for the listening chair
Designed with a large character, discrete LED, display that you can read from the listening chair. Designed in-house from the ground up, the display is assembled in its own CNC pocket in the uni-body, separate from the the DAC. Along with targeted electrical isolation, the LED display is refreshed in between data points to reduce noise interference. Whether critical listening with the display on or off, it won’t make a difference.
Dual Supply Power Base
The importance of a clean power supply can’t be underestimated.  A reimagined design paired with the DAC reduces the noise floor even further. There is a single supply for the digital side of the DAC, along with an isolated supply for the analog side. This yields an unprecedented level of performance.
Mono Supply Power Bases
Doubling the power supply chassis, we provide increased isolation and electrical performance for both the digital and the analog supplies. With the increased space, each mono power supply has a much lower noise power supply design.
Completely modular
One of the most innovative features of the Reference DAC is the modular design. The DAC modules, clock, input and output modules are user-replaceable. As any of these technologies change, we’ll be able to update your DAC to keep it current and operational.
Future Proof
MSB is constantly developing new input modules for every application and technology. With the release of MQA, MSB has prepared a new module and a simple software update. This keeps your DAC up to date with the most recent technologies. A DAC that is ready for an unknown future.
The last preamp you will ever need
Upgrading from the Base Output Module will give you a cutting edge constant impedance passive volume control preamp. Using this remarkable preamp will reduce system complexity and ultimately improve the audio quality of your entire system.  It’s a remarkable feat of electrical design that sets a new benchmark in the industry. The output modules are individually tuned for maximum quality balance or single-ended audio.
Even without the upgraded preamp module, the DAC still has built in volume control.
Expand your analog audio
With sideways expansion, the preamp has the ability for additional analog inputs, isolated sub outputs, and extra analog outputs.
CNC Billet chassis
Starting with an 65lb plate of ‘Kaiser Select Precision Plate’, material is machined in our own in-house CNC shop. After more than 4 hours of machining, 60% of the aluminum is removed, resulting in a 18lb finished product. The integration of our CNC shop allows for design optimization to create the best possible product. We use the high quality premium ‘Select’ metal, giving us the best anodized finishes on the market.
Anodized Finishes
Available in matte silver and matte black. Custom finishes are available.  Our popular custom gold finish is a light matte anodized gold with plated gold accents.