Muraudio Domain Omni PX2 speakers NEW

Muraudio is pleased to announce the launch of the Domain Omni PX2 at the 2016 TAVES Consumer Electronics Show October 28-30. Based on Muraudio’s award winning, state-of-the-art point source omni-directional electrostatic technology, the PX2 combines sensual contemporary design with deeper bass extension and even more transparent mids and highs.
The PX2 features a stunningly attractive, height adjustable base plinth along with soft, acoustically treated fabric covers for the ESL and bass drivers. Subtle yet dynamically accented trim features create a seamless, flowing design.
The all-new Muraudio Speaker Bus (MSB) provides regulated ESL power and active speaker status monitoring to further enhance performance. The MSB is a bi-directional electrical interface that provides stable DC power to the ESL, while displaying the operational state of each loudspeaker with the Condition Monitor Module.
Muraudio introduces the latest in Mylar Diaphragm Technology (MDT) in the Domain Omni PX2. This new film technology provides enhanced dynamics with improved distribution of acoustic energy across the continuous multi-directional curves of the ESL. This lighter-than-air film responds with unprecedented speed and precision, delivering clarity, detail and natural sound that is unmatched by any other loudspeaker.
While new to the Muraudio reference line of loudspeakers, the Domain Omni PX2 is a result of over a decade of research and development. What consumers and reviewers the world over have come to appreciate in previous models remain the core technologies behind Muraudio’s Domain Omni PX2 and the “Sound Is Everywhere®” experience.
The Domain Omni PX2 is available through any of Muraudio’s world-wide Dealers and through our Exclusive Client Program.