Nagra Classic DAC arrived

All new Nagra Classic DAC just arrived today. Although I’m having like hundred things to deal with, it was impossible to resist the unpacking of this Nagra HD DAC’s one box “little brother”. 
Nagra always represented something special in the high-end audio world via their heritage, impressive product portfolio, immaculate finish and non the less brand’s recognition. Nagra’s products reflects the aura of some of the most recognized Swiss high-end watch companies like Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC etc… And all for the right reasons!
Unpacking Nagra products falls into the same category as experiencing the first randevú with that particularly, special watch the you’ve treated yourself after long contemplation and day dreaming. You’re entering the realms of pristine, Swiss engineering marveling spirit.  

Nagra is among very few high-end companies, that always manages to impress me with their attention to details. Not only with the  the refined – modular based circuit approach, renowned aluminum enclosures and timeless design, but also with the packaging. Everything points to that famous saying; you know where the money was being spent…

There was no time to connect Classic DAC yet, but I’ll update very soon with first impressions…
Stay tuned.
Matej Isak