Nasotec NAMOO NS-101B Binding Post

Nasotec NAMOO NS-101B Binding Post package came few days ago. I’ll put my mind to them with next project and report more in depth. Here are few highlights…

-Made of only wood and pure copper
-Current carrying parts: pure copper, insulating parts: wood
-24K gold plated with non-magnetic undercoat
-Wooden parts: Very highly compressed (250 ton) birch plywood (They sink beneath the water)
-Drilling hole size(d): 11.5mm(0.45inch)
-Possible panel thickness for mounting (max.)
metal: 9.5mm(0.37inch) / wood(without insulation washers): 14mm(0.55inch)
-Spade contact fork size: min 6mm
-Size: 51(L)*21(D)mm / 2.0(L)*0.83(D)inch