In recent years, more and more audiophiles enjoy playing vinyl records as well. One of the reasons for this development is the fact that amplifier performance nowadays is incomparably better than in the heyday of analog records, allowing a re-evaluation of the playback qualities of this medium. The Accuphase lineup has continued to feature both stand-alone and plug-in type phono equalizer amplifiers which we were actively developing and perfecting, to create the ideal record playback environment for all users. On the other hand, the phono cartridges that extract the musical information from the record groove also have a vital role to play. Accuphase has a long history in this area as well, beginning with the AC-1 introduced in 1979. This was followed by the AC-2, AC-3, and AC-5 models which all received high praise from discerning experts. The fifth generation is now making its debut with the AC-6 that fuses our accumulated experience with latest technology advancements, designed for ultimate playback capability. A combination of materials selected according to strict criteria ensures that even the most minute vibrations engraved in the record groove are faithfully picked up and reproduced with stunning musical results.

The AC-6 is a new addition to the highly acclaimed Accuphase lineup of phono cartridges. This MC cartridge features latest technology in terms of materials and construction. The semi line contact stylus extracts minute vibrations that are transmitted instantaneously to the magnetic circuit by the boron cantilever with high propagation speed. The magnetic circuit is mounted on a strong titanium base, ensuring accurate conversion into a music signal. Every single aspect of the cartridge has been finely honed to deliver optimum performance, ushering the listener into the wonderful world of analog records.

■ Housing made of carefully selected metals and machined with extreme precision

The base section of the cartridge is manufactured using highly rigid extruded titanium further hardened by gold ion plating. This provides a firm hold for the magnetic circuit and the vibration transmitting section while keeping internal losses to a minimum. Titanium is a difficult material to machine, but its light weight combined with high stiffness and corrosion resistance made it the ideal choice for the AC-6. The cartridge body of extruded aluminum has been given an elegant gold-colored alumite coating, making it a great looking match for any high-quality turntable.

■ Solid boron cantilever with high propagation speed faithfully traces stylus motion

The task of the cantilever is to accurately transmit the vibration energy created by the stylus tracking the groove on the record to a coil that converts it into an electric current. Because the cantilever should not cause any losses, a material with high stiffness and high propagation speed is optimally suited to this task. The AC-6 therefore uses a solid boron cantilever with a diameter of 0.3 millimeters. At 16,200 m/s, the propagation speed of boron is faster than beryllium (12,870 m/s) and approaches that of a diamond (18,350 m/s), making it an ideal choice.

■ Semi line contact type stylus

The stylus tip has a so-called semi line contact shape (3 μm x 30 μm). This realizes accurate tracking not only in the amplitude (longitudinal) direction of the tiny groove but also in the line (vertical) direction, where it presents a large contact area which reduces tracking distortion due to the pinching effect.

■ Powerful N50 grade neodymium magnet

The magnetic circuit features a grade N50 permanent magnet. Neodymium is a rare earth material utilized in the strongest permanent magnets currently available. Its energy product is nine times higher than Alnico and boasts high mechanical strength as well.
Beautiful case that harmonizes with Accuphase audio systems

The AC-6 comes with its own protective case creating an aura of quality and elegance. It is made of ex- truded aluminum with the same diamond cutting and gold alumite coloring as the high-quality volume control knobs on our amplifiers.

Base section made of stiff extruded titanium further hardened by gold ion plating
Cartridge body made of extruded aluminum with gold-colored alumite coating
Solid boron cantilever with high propagation speed faithfully transmits the stylus
Semi line contact stylus shape accurately traces even minute groove
Magnetic circuit with strong grade N50 permanent neodymium magnet