New Acoustical Systems Astellar Turntable

Acoustical Systems has premiered their brand new ASTELLAR turntable at the 2022 Munich High-End End show. ASTELLAR represents 30 years of turntable design and brand analog evolution. 


  • an unique 36 (!) layers design platter, incorporating 18 different materials with defined energy transfer speed combined in the optimum sequence.
  • incorporating Vinyl, Tungsten HD18, Titanium, AW6082 Alloy, 1.4401 Vanadium Steel plus a defined mixture of organic materials pressured together and bounded by natural resin.
  • unique APOLYT-concept inner platter design.
  • the ASTELLAR’s platter is 100% non-resonant, with absolute non-reflecting inner surface.
  • designed to provide a pitch-black deep dark “sonic background” – to allow the most tiny details to appear in an unforced and natural way and thus to integrate swift into the all harmonic sonic picture provided.
  • the platter spindle is fully decoupled and isolated from the bearing and featuring an inner thread to allow optimized coupling of vinyl record to material-identical platter surface by screw-on clamp as well as record weight.
  • bi-radial, unique adjustable push-pull magnetic bearing, completely maintenance-free – proving a perfect isolated and totally vibration-free rotation. 
  • full air suspended plinth with 1.2 Hz resonance frequency.
  • true 3-point precision leveling with tilt-prevention
  • double-point brushless DC motor belt drive – with active dynamic motor management – and free of any parasitic side force / drag applied to the platter.
  • double flywheel drive – with maximized inertia incorporated in the active motor management.
  • totally decoupled bearing and tonearm mounting board from motor level.
  • speed 33, 45 and 78 – all full stabilized with below 0.01 derivation from set speed
  • plinth featuring 3 levels made from 3 different Aluminium alloys – with inlays of Titanium and vibration-absorbing gel.
  • tonearm mounting boards with “Zero-tolerance” – automatic perfect re-location design: each tonearm mounted and aligned to one position can be moved to different position without ANY re-alignment / recalibration needed. 
  • arm boards with defined and maximized energy transfer.
  • external power supply 45 cm x 38 cm x 13 cm
  • including motor management, full DC supply, air suspension control.
  • connection between power supply and turntable by LEMO.
  • available in choice of 5 selected finishes: deep black, APOLYT-dark anthracite, Titanium, Silver spark and light-Titanium.
  • pre-drilled and perfect positioned pre-cut arm boards for each and all tonearms desired.
  • pre-assembled in 5 units – none of them exceeding 27 kg gross weight for easy and swift set-up.
  • gross dimensions: 69 cm x 48 cm x 23 cm.
  • gross footprint: 63 x 42 cm
  • net weight ASTELLAR turntable: 88 kg
  • net weight: ASTELLAR power supply: 18 kg

Extra options

  • optional full battery powered and w/ incorporated automatic recharge logic (2nd power supply).
  • optional special rack in 82 or 104 cm top-shelf height to incorporate 2 or 3 phono stage / line stage components and with air suspension!
  • on special request possible finish in all Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche colours.