New Ampsandsound Arch Flagship Amplifier.

ampsandsound is thrilled to announce our new Arch flagship Push-Pull amplifier. Following founder Justin Weber’s philosophy of quality above all else, the Arch Monoblocks are the finest example of ampsandsound’s work yet. 

The goal of the Arch is to showcase the fidelity and bandwidth that could be possible with a tube amplifier while still employing strictly analog circuits. The Arch seeks to offer true to source tonal character and significant power delivery to drive modern speakers to their fullest potential.
Taking inspiration from the high power low distortion approach of Stu Hegman’s Citation II amplifier, the amplifier achieves astonishingly low distortion of 0.01% at 1W and at full power achieves a distortion figure of 0.06%. The input stage uses a triple 12BY7 configuration per channel, with selectable bias for a pair of KT88 or KT150 output tubes. 
With KT88s tubes the Arch’s power is conservatively estimated at 65 watts per channel, and with KT150’s output raises to 85 watts per channel. ampsandsound’s in-house transformers are substantially over spec’d to be capable of sustained RMS numbers at full rated power of the circuit, while achieving astonishing bandwidth of 2hz – 110khz at -3dB.
Internal wiring is point-to-point with strict turret board construction, cost-no-object part selection and 10-gauge cold-rolled steel chassis all contribute to a vanishingly quiet amplifier. Auditory images emerge from a silent background, with all the transient detail and transparency you could ever want, and a linearity and dynamic impact rarely heard from amplifiers tube or solid state. The Arch is the pinnacle of the ampsandsound push-pull amplifier line, and offers a sound that eliminates the conflict between musical engagement and low distortion. With the Arch, you will simply hear music. 
If you wish to demo an Arch, please contact us, or find us at Axpona room 1240 where the Arch will be making its world debut. 


  • Dimensions for each amplifier: 14x14x8
  • Ships in two Pelican Style hard cases
  • Speaker Outputs of 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms
  • RCA and Transformer-coupled XLR Inputs
  • Noise at idle ~ 2mv or less.
  • Frequency extension @ 1 watt 2hz to110khz -3db
  • Output power with KT-88s ~65watts
  • THD @ 1Watt 0.012%
  • THD @ 5Watt 0.022%
  • THD @ 20Watt 0.039%
  • THD @ 64.7Watts 0.051%
  • Output power with KT-150s ~85watts
  • THD @ 1Watt 0.024%
  • THD @ 5Watt 0.033%
  • THD @ 20Watt 0.043%
  • THD @ 83Watts 0.076%
  • Output Tube Compatibility: 6550, KT88, KT120, KT150
  • Included Tube Set: 6x12BY7A