AVA writes: “The Fet Valve CF SLR preamplifier takes our best tube preamp circuits to a new level of musicality and user convenience. Now standard is remote volume, remote input switching, remote power on and off, and even remote panel light dimming. Our lovely new custom silver faceplate is now standard too, along with much higher quality RCA jacks.”

The Fet Valve CF SLR’s audio stage is all tube, using 12AT7 tubes for gain and 12AU7 tubes as cathode followers. This combination, done with outstanding multiple regulated power supplies, provides the amazing dynamic range, transparency, and load drive capacity that we demand. It will interface seamlessly into and improve the most demanding audio systems.

We designed the main circuit board to take advantage of the newest high capacity power supply capacitors and specify all polypropylene capacitors in the signal paths. The full ground plane layout is very quiet and absolutely stable.
The Fet Valve CF SLR preamplifier also includes, as a standard feature, an exquisite headphone amplifier. 
AVA has long been an advocate of rock solid power supplies, and the power supply used in the Fet Valve CF SLR is no exception. The high voltage supplies are based around six active high voltage regulators, one for each tube section. This power supply design takes supply noise and interaction down to nearly zero. In addition, there are separate regulated power supplies for the tube heaters and the headphone amplifier. Smoothing capacitors are carefully selected modern, high-reliability, high-capacity units.
The main circuit board uses multiple isolated ground planes strategically interconnected to eliminate the effects of ground currents. A very quiet custom made shielded power transformer is used.
The Fet Valve CF SLR power supplies are incredibly quiet and rock stable platforms on which our audio circuits can perform their best.
The SLR chassis features a precision remote control volume control along with five sets of remote switchable inputs and two sets of line audio outputs. Additional functions include:

  • A precision balance control.
  • Mono/Stereo – to get mono audio sources (such as older TV and other video sources) to both left and right channels and to quiet noisy FM broadcast and old records.
  • Low Gain – to allow better volume control use with the high-efficiency speakers and high gain amplifiers.
  • High Filter – to tame excess brightness from low quality sources.
  • Low Filter – to deal with warped records and turntable rumble.
  • Support for tape monitoring.
  • A built-in very high quality headphone amplifier.

A 1/4″ sculpted aluminum face plate is finished with our incredibly durable double-anodized process is standard. All RCA jacks are premium quality, gold plated, heavy duty parts. A removable IEC power cord is standard as well.
17″ wide x 12″ deep x 3.5″ high
17 pounds
Circuits: Fet Valve CF
Chassis: AVA SLR
• 240V Wiring +$30
• Vision Adjustable Phono Circuits +$329

Price $2,099.00