New Ballfinger Music Mastertapes Record Label

Roland Schneider of Ballfinger will launch the Ballfinger Music record label in March 2022. The label has been producing fusion and electronic music, but will also offer jazz and classical genres for audiophiles on tape and sell them through the new webshop. All recorded on the Ballfinger M051 tape machine. Here is a track from the new album, due out March 22. 

Philipp Van Endert · André Nendza · Kurt Billker
From the album “Presence” on master recorder Ballfinger M051
“Fu” is one of three bonus tracks on the new album “Moon Balloon” by Philipp van Endert & Orchestra as analog Mastertape.
Tape: RTM SM900 1/4” 2-track
Track width: 2.75 mm
Speed: 15 IPS
Equalizing: CCIR/35ųs
Level: 320 nWb/m
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Video produced and directed by Thomas Kruesselmann at Studio Ballfinger