New Bassocontinuo Golia Ultimate Line high-end audio rack

More Munich High-End Audio Show 2019 frenzy. Bassocontinuo will reveal their all new Golia Ultimate Line high-end audio rack, that was developed (fully tested) in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano using 3D accelerometers. Golia’s solid stainless steel legs made by INOX303 60mm diameter and bottom and top shelves are made from an aluminium and Valchromat sandwich. Bassocontinuo claims the Golia has the highest insulation level actually available on the market achieved by heavy mass damper under the shelf, a new anti-shaking locking system and top floating shelf for a perfect decoupling. System weight in the standard configuration (3 shelves) is around 155 kg. 


FENIX NTA ® – It is a nanotech material which is used as a part of the top shelf.

– Resistance to scratches
– Anti-fingerprint
– Soft touch
– Visual comfort (low light reflectivity)
– Thermal healing of superficial micro scratches
– Real metal structure
VALCHROMAT ® –  Special HDF used as main shelf’s material
– Black pigmented HDF
– 35% more rigid than a standard HDF
– Waterproof
– 100% recyclable
– Total matte black / 5 GLOSS
DELRIN ® –  Used to produce the adjustable spikes

– POM crystal structure
– Very high mechanical resistance
– Black pigmented
– High capability to dissipate energy