New CABLE4YOU Quirix™ Diamond Edition Speaker Cables.

CABLE4YOU writes: “The Quirix™ is the custom limited edition speaker cable of the new generation of CABLE4YOU audiophile products. Quirix speaker cables employ ultra high purity conductors. Quirix conductors are made from uncompromisingly pure material HG-OCCLC (High Gloss Ohno Casting Oxygen Free High Conductivity Linear Crystal Conductor). CABLE4YOU has developed a sophisticated dielectric technology X-TRACS-2™, that is comprised solely of specially designed antistatic segments and free air between the conductors. The Quirix dielectric technology X-TRACS-2™ reduces sonic degradation to an absolute minimum.”

During development of the Quirix™, main priority was producing an uncompromised and referential speaker cable! Not looking at the costs related to manufacturing processes and work hours. The manufacturing process of one pair of Quirix speaker cables requires approximately forty hours of manual assembly.
CABLE4YOU Quirix™ “Diamond Edition”  speaker cables help your audio system provide unheard of sound quality in stereo reproduction. Quirix has particularly exceptional dynamic accuracy that allow for a deep and wide natural soundstage. It is a condition when the three-dimensional reality will be recreated right in your listening room.”