New CAD CAD USB Control.

Computer Audio Design writes: “Reducing unwanted high frequency noise in a hi-fi system audibly improves the system’s sound quality. Computer Audio Design (CAD) has pioneered a portfolio of highly effective solutions to the problem, and now adds the new USB Control – which also happens to be the company’s most compact and affordable solution yet.”

“Computer Audio Design’s multi-award winning Ground Control Units and USB cables can be used either individually or in tandem to minimise unwanted high frequency noise from your audio system, significantly enhancing the system’s sonic performance. To these, the company has now added the new USB Control, again designed to be used either individually or in combination with the Ground Controls and cables. 
Used individually, the USB Control offers a simple, affordable, high-performance entry point into the CAD noise control portfolio. Alternatively, combined use alongside existing products will deliver even further sonic improvements. 
The frequency of unwanted noise varies in every audio system and in each domestic environment – and will even vary at different times of day in the case of mains power. CAD’s USB Control reduces this unwanted high frequency noise across an extremely broad frequency spectrum, from KHz up into the GHz range.
Like all CAD noise reduction products, the USB Control uses unique CAD-developed technology. Specifically, the USB Control is engineered to reduce higher frequency noise on both the signal ground and +5Vdc power.  This +5Vdc power is available in all USB connections, but in many audio components this same +5Vdc is also used in crucial audio circuitry. 
Music servers, routers, network switches, digital interfaces, etc. can all benefit from a reduction in high frequency noise. The USB Control is designed to improve the rhythm, timing and soundstage of your music and will not ‘slow down’ or hamper sound quality, as some other noise reduction products can.
As well as being an affordable solution, the USB Control is also conveniently compact and couldn’t be simpler to use: simply plug this thumb-sized device into any available USB port on any component in your audio system – and enjoy less noise, more music!”
The new CAD USB Control is available now, priced as follows:
  • UK (inc VAT): £750
  • USA: $750
Computer Audio Design products are sold through specialist dealers in the UK and worldwide.