“Sometimes the development of one product also results in the improvement of other products.The new Eartha Infinity line is such an example, as it is a side effect from the three years process of developing our RJ 45 line.

During this process we learned, that the drain conductors have even more impact on the final result than we ever could imagine. We now use this knowledge and experience from the RJ45 project in our new Eartha cable line – and the results are stunning.

In the production process we now expose the conductors for a very high pressure. The result of this process is absolutely faboulus. You get far better flow and musicality. Even the new Eartha Discover Infinity beats the old Eartha Apollo in musicality. 
And the new Eartha Apollo Infinity and Atlantis Infinity? Well, sometimes it´s only stupid to try to find the words. You better try it yourself.
All of you already using the Eartha cables should know, that we are working on a solution for you to be able to upgrade your existing Eartha cables to the new Eartha Infinity equivalent for a very reasonable price.
More info and pricing for upgrades will very soon be announced. Check our web site for more info.”