New ERC081 The Doors – The Doors (True Mono)

The Electric Recording Company writes: “Recorded in 1966 and released the following year, The Doors self titled debut album was the soundtrack to the summer of love. Widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest debut albums of all time, it still continues to influence the evolution of the psych-rock genre. Possessing the hypnotic magnetism of pure transcendence this album containing so many influences, acts as a portal to social revolution, the collective conscience, and psychedelic immortality.” 

“Cut all valve on our 1965 Lyrec system in True mono* directly from the original dedicated mono master tapes. No equalisation, compression or any other processing was added during the cutting process.* Where everything in the chain from the tape head, the tape pre-amplifier, the cutting amplifier and the dedicated mono cutter head is a single channel pathway: This earlier technology avoids phase issues that are encountered when mastering with later “dual” or “pseudo” mono cutting systems.” 

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