New GETZ/GILBERTO Master Tape.

Coming soon on Hemiolia Records. A new master tape GETZ/GILBERTO, remastered Hemiolia’s Stereo Edition 2023 by Pietro Benini. Tape format: 1/4″ – Two tracks – 15 IPS – CCIR or NAB equalization.

All Hemiolia Records Master Tapes are accompanied by an A4P (Analog Four Phases) certificate of authenticity which guarantees a complete analog consistency in every single production phase.
All Hemiolia Records Master Tapes born from the collaboration with Ermitage Distribution are made using as a source exclusively Production Masters (First Generation) in stereo, 2 tracks – 1/4”
Our Master Tapes for sale duplication are made in 1: 1 copy mode, using two Otari MTR15 recorders with optimized recording unit calibration on each single blank tape used.