New Goldmund Telos 8800 Power Amplifier

Goldmund writes: “Today, Goldmund is reaping the rewards of its patient and meticulous work as it is the only company in the world that can demonstrate what active loudspeaker can become when it is perfectly aligned in frequency response, phase response and time response.

he new Telos 8800 amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers in the world, featuring 4 separate electronic boards to maximize system stability. Adding a new dimension to the Goldmund amplifier line-up, this new flagship model sets a new standard in performance, boasting unparalleled power and groundbreaking innovations that redefine the listening experience.

The new Telos 8800 amplifier has been meticulously redesigned and upgraded both aesthetically and technically to further enhance your sound experience. With no visible screws and featuring the emblematic rock texture on the sides and seamless construction, this sleek grey/black monochrome block highlights all the new technological prowess that has gone into this new Telos 8800 amplifier.

Responding to the growing demand for increased capacity and power, the Telos 8800 is fitted with the new Goldmund MKP silver-metallised polypropylene film cap capacitor. This cutting-edge component ensures a supremely stable supply for the Mosfet output stage, guaranteeing optimal stability even for demanding 1 Ω loads. This breakthrough innovation empowers listeners to experience an unrivaled level of sonic purity and precision.

To further elevate performance, a significantly larger heatsink has been incorporated into the new Telos 8800 top-of-the-range mono amplifier design. This substantial improvement not only enhances heat dissipation but also preserves electrical conductivity, resulting in impeccable audio quality.

Goldmund’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by the Telos 8800’s exceptional cooling capabilities. To dissipate the heat generated by the power supply within the amplifier, the sides of the latter have been meticulously designed as heat sinks, with the addition of a second heatsink measuring an impressive 17cm. This addition has been designed by the dedicated Goldmund engineers to guarantee top cooling performance and a greater conductivity in the electrical circuit, resulting in an audio experience of unparalleled magnitude.

The Telos 8800 is the world’s most powerful Class AB linear amplifier, delivering an impressive 1400Wrms of power with just 1% total harmonic distortion (THD) at 8 ohms.

The successful objective of Goldmund’s Research and Development team was to create an amplifier capable of driving very low impedance loudspeakers without compromising distortion levels, and effortlessly accommodating to any loudspeaker configuration.

Numerous improvements have been made, including an increase in the output power transistor stage. Boasting four pairs of output transistors per side, totaling 16 x transistors per unit, this advancement significantly elevates performance compared to the previous T5500 NG model. Moreover, the capacitor bank has been extended to include four massive capacitors of 15,000 uF each, guaranteeing high energy storage and a more efficient power supply thanks to the use of a power transistor that keeps the amplifier running effortlessly.

Due to the high specification and power of the amplifier, the Telos 8800 has been engineered with a fully analogue circuit, ensuring maximum thermal security and short-circuit protection. In the event of a detected issue, the amplifier promptly shuts down, protecting both the speakers and the amplifier itself.

A sharp and narrow amplifier for utmost conductivity. Reflecting the high level of its technology and design, Goldmund uses all-gold metal terminals and screws. These premium components ensure optimal signal transmission and minimize potential signal losses, solidifying Goldmund’s commitment to uncompromising audio fidelity.
The ever-expanding design of the Telos 8800 nevertheless retains Goldmund’s aesthetic signature. With its all-silver/black aluminium shell and sleek lines visible on both sides, perfectly combining authenticity and avant-gardism, the Telos 8800 is a pure testament to the harmonious fusion of art and cutting-edge engineering.
By introducing the new Telos 8800 amplifier, Goldmund continues to expand the boundaries of what’s possible in high-end audio, raising the bar for the world’s most demanding audiophiles. Take a look at the new Telos 8800 amplifier and let the power of sound flow straight into your home.


Founded in 1978, Goldmund manufactures ultra-high-end home audio equipment in Geneva, Switzerland. The company has established an outstanding reputation with mythical products such as the Apologue speakers selected by the MoMA in 1988 for their exquisite contemporary design. Goldmund’s objective is to transform music records into a concert-like experience. Play each track faithfully to the original record as intended by the artist and play it with no added effects or distortion.



  • Maximum power (IEC60065): 1400 Wrms on 8 Ω / 1 % THD


  • 600at1kHz/8Ω


  • IMD (SMPTE), unloaded: < 0.01 %
  • THD+N, unloaded: < 0.005 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 30 Vrms output


  • Analog input terminated with RCA Shorting Caps, unloaded: < 3 μV from 20 Hz to 20 kHz


  • 35 dB, +/- 9 dB (adjustable in steps of 3 dB for each input)


  • Max level before clipping:
  • Analog input: 2 Vrms
  • Digital input: 0 dBFS


  • Max level before clipping:
  • 1 % THD, unloaded: 300 Vpp


  • Nominal line voltage: 115 V or 230 V
  • Input voltage range: +/- 5 % REAR PANNEL
  • Power cord: universal socket 3 lugs, 16 A
  • Main fuses
  • AC black GND binding post (with bridge connection)
  • Green-yellow AC earth binding post (with bridge connection)
  • 2 x output binding posts (red & black)
  • 1 x output speaker Lemo 4B type connector
  • Analog input RCA unbalanced connector
  • Analog input XLR balanced connector
  • Digital input and output RCA connectors
  • RS232 command connector


  • IEC 60065, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 750 W


  • 22 kHz measurement bandwidth (flat), true RMS unloaded: 117 dB


  • 42 W x 113 H x 47 D (cm)
  • 265 kg per unit


  • 3 years parts and labo