Ideon Audio writes: The culmination years of research and a world class DAC that preceded it. It took a lot of effort, small steps forward and many setbacks – but we made it to the end… here. We are excited to announce the new Absolute ε DAC, a statement for our 5th anniversary. Our designing team came up with more innovations that reflect our strive for excellence. Those are incorporated into this new DAC, which comes to improve an already amazing device.” 

So here we are, further enhancing the Absolute DAC with:

  • Next generation analog stage, with our new symmetrical ultra-low noise power supplies – a unique topology not found elsewhere. 
  • The unique 15ohm output impedance at -140 dB SNR or 1Watt
  • Three new zero-noise active bridges – also an innovative ultra-high-end design that takes the noise from rectification to zero– also proprietary technology not available in any other DAC.
  • New in-house developed dedicated software for the ESS 9038PRO DAC chip
  • New specially designed transformers with extreme cores
  • New and upgradable separate DAC engine 
  • Even larger capacitors base
  • New modular and upgradable boards design with more layers and thick, specially treated copper rails 

As we always do, we offer a full upgrade to all Absolute DAC customers. Contact your dealers or us directly for more information.”