Innuos has designed an exclusive 100 units Special Edition aimed to take your music to new heights.
With a new Triple-Linear PSU designed by Sean Jacobs, custom-wound toroidal transformer and a raft of improvements on EMI shielding and vibration isolation, the ZENith SE picks up the trademark PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) and neutrality of the ZENith and adds more body to the music, improving the depth and height of the soundstage.

Attention to detail that makes a difference

A number of improvements were added for this Special Edition: 
• New oversize, custom-wound audiophile toroidal transformer with 3 independent outputs for each Linear Power Supply
• New Triple-Linear power supply designed by Sean Jacobs
using high-end Mundorf caps
• Three anti-vibration feet with asymmetrical positioning to better isolate vibration without a ecting dynamics
• Audiophile-grade silver-coated and shielded cabling for internal connections, hand-soldered directly to circuits to lower impedance from connectors.

Powered by innuOS
As all other ZEN MkII, the ZENith SE is powered by innuOS – Innuos’ own operating system developed in-house. It enables a complete computer-free operation for managing CD ripping, importing digital music and editing album data and cover art.
Recently added features on innuOS version 1.2 include the ability to playback music stored on an external NAS and the possibility of using it as Roon Core Server or Roon Player.
Visit us at High End Munich, Halle 4 R03 to  nd out more:
OpEn stand aREa:
Headphone station where you can experience ZEN Mini, ZEN and ZENith sound quality di erences using Chord Hugo TT DACs and Chord Company Cables
innuOS operating system demo where you can witness its ease of use and comprehensive functionalities
ClOsEd Cabin:
Feel the music like never before with the new ZENith Special Edition playing through the Dynaudio Focus 60 XD cabled with Chord Company Sarum T cables