Kiso Acoustic HB-N1 is the all new entry level speaker model ((above photo shows Kiso Acoustic Co., Ltd. CEO Toru Hara)) with the famous single layer mahogany tonewood reverberating cabinet made by Takamine. The new Kiso Acoustic monitor has the same single layer, steam bent, mahogany cabinet and same 4” Peerless woofer as the other HB- and HB-X1 models, but matte finish instead of glossy. The baffle is actually a bit thicker than the other models.

The tweeter is a Peerless ring-radiator (instead of horn tweeter with ebony o as with the more expensive models). It has a simpler, very straightforward crossover with all Mundorf components in a separate compartment. The combination of the two Peerless drivers makes the crossover at 12 dB/oct 4.5 kHz transition very smooth, so it sounds more even & smooth than the other HB-models.