New Kyron Audio Gaia Evolution Speaker System

Kyron Audio has released a new version of the extraordinary Gaia music system, designed to deliver an unrivalled home music experience. The original Gaia was released in 2011 at the Australian International Hi Fi Show, winning “Best Sound in Show” against all established rivals. This latest version, codenamed ‘Gaia – Evolution’, increases performance dramatically with improvements made to every part of the system. 

“We designed Gaia to be the most accurate and musically satisfying system on the planet,” says Chief Systems Architect and Co-Founder, Leon Suter. “Gaia creates a completely new class of sound system, where startling 3D, holographic sound meets luxurious and harmonious style.”

Kyron is known for their turn-key approach to high-end audio, designing and manufacturing not only the loudspeakers, but also the electronics required to power them. The Gaia system includes ten channels of amplification and an advanced preamplifier with remote control and touch screen interface. As every system is made to order and must suit its individual listening environment, Kyron also provides factory installation and tuning of every system.

The new Gaia is a 5-way system and includes a pair of special edition Kyron Mercury subwoofers that take care of extreme low bass. Gaia includes a total of 14 twelve-inch woofer drivers that move enormous amounts of air, allowing the system to deliver incredible bass extension and resolution while providing ‘no-box’ clarity and speed for everything except subsonic sound.

A newly designed tweeter waveguide has been developed in house for the patented Danish designed and made tweeter motor to integrate into the dipole MTM midrange section.

The main amplifiers are a collaborative effort and use patented nCore technology from Dutch company, Hypex, for the final stage. Approximately half the gain is provided by a Kyron-developed ultra-low distortion first stage, designed in-house to interface directly with the patented Hypex design. The two subwoofer amplifiers are sourced from Denmark and are capable of 2500 Watts each with startling power and control.

The new preamplifier design features double the digital signal processing power of the previous Gaia and provides computing power for the patented algorithm that runs the Linear Phase Crossovers, the room correction, and allows for frequency response correction to +/- 0.1dB SPL and phase correction. When combined with the directional characteristics of the acoustic design the resultant reproduction in-room is exceptionally accurate and free from colouration.

Gaia has always been designed to have impact, however this is not restricted to exhilarating sound reproduction.  Gaia also has undeniable physical presence and is, inevitably, the visual feature in any room.  Kyron works with individual customers to ensure that their audio system is a perfect fit for their preferred aesthetic.  Finishing touches such as Nappa leathers, Alcantara, precious metals and bespoke paint finishes allow for a level of customisation befitting a product of this level of sophistication and performance.