New LessLoss Blackground.

The first photos of the new LessLoss Blackground signal-ground interface in final production form! Dimensions are 64mm (width) x 64mm (width) x 29mm (height without protruding contact posts). With contact posts height is 35mm. There are two contact posts. Very easy to make contact. Just use a Philips screwdriver to attach a conductor end (eyelet terminal, for instance). Small spade can work just as well.

Louis Motek writes: “The base is covered with a thin layer of rubber/cork composite material. This keeps it from making electrical contact with your surface of choice, and also protects against abrasion and slippage.
It is not large. Bottom right cylinder is your normal AA 1.5 Volt battery. At 426 grams it weighs nearly half a Kilogram. This is just shy of 1 pound.
You will recognise these eyelet terminations from our C-MARC™ Grounding Cables. The connection is the same as with our Blackbody v.2. Similar contact pictured below. 
All you do is unscrew the bolt with a Philips screwdriver and then screw down, finger tight, on the eyelet.
The bolt (and thread on the contact post) is M3 size, in case you want to use your own. We will supply Blackground with these non-ferrous bolts already secured in place to save you the trip to the hardware store.
Connection is easy! In the next Newsletter we will show all manner of use cases and possible connection schematics to start you off on your exciting journey into easily achieved fantastic sonic spaces!
Seen above, you can see there is plenty of clearance between the conductive contact post allowing clearance for even the largest cables imaginable. The top of the post is 6mm above the top surface of the Blackground device.
Contact post diameter is 6mm.


  • 446 USD for one.
  • 424 USD each, for two.
  • 402 USD each, for three or more purchased in a single order and shipment.
We’ll be making a time-limited introductory discount over and beyond above discounts to celebrate the launch!

Next steps for production

Since the lid and base are made out of carbon steel, the surface is prone to rusting over time. We had initially planned to apply a special wax sealant to it, but upon some trials we decided this is not the best way to go. Far better, though marginally more costly and obviously more time consuming, bringing in yet another independent company into the picture, will be to electroplate both the lid and base galvanically. This will guarantee no patina forms over time. Hence some time is still needed for us to have all parts in hand for final assembly. We are also still waiting for the laser cutting of our larger production run, now in progress.
In the meantime, however, we will launch a pre-order campaign at introductory discounted pricing in exchange for your patience while these final steps are carried out!
This thing is just amazing!
I cannot overstate the impact this device has on any speaker, line, or blackbody signal. We’ll continue to investigate on ground connections alone and see if there are indeed even more applications we haven’t yet unearthed. (get it?)
This is the best audiophile Christmas gift you can imagine.
Look for our next Newsletter, coming soon, in which we’ll disclose all manner of using this new device to achieve sublime clarity throughout your system.
Anyone skeptical, consider please that this represents the epitome of 3 decades of very intense research and development here at LessLoss. If you like C-MARC™ cables and the latest Firewall 640x technology, the Firewall for Loudspeakers, and the new Entropic Process, you will be projected into far greater depths and realms of the same sonic purity and revelation in this case!
Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! It’s a great pleasure to maintain high standards and help everyone get the very best sonics per unit spent.”