Back to the future. One take recordings, without any overdubs are quite rare gems these days. Even more rare is the use of analog tape recorders for the capturing of the perfumer. Mascara  Quartet new album is completely analog, from the first to the very last step. The band have even used legendary EMT140 analog plater reverb along with iconic SSL G4056 mix board in combination of timeless Neumann AKG C12 microphones and Ampex ATR800 tape machine. 

From the very beginning Mascara wanted to capture the pure and direct energy of the music, with the sound that reflects the live performance. Album is conceptual and structural with the clear message and goal of transporting the listner into the golden era of music listening.
Polona Udovič (vocal, violina), Timi Krajnc (guitar), Vojko Vešligaj (guitar), Mitja Režman (bass guitar) are all renowned artists, that have successfully performed with many musicians, chamber ensembles as well as with orchestras at the concert halls and festivals around the world. 
Passion of the thunder and serenity of the ocean, that resides somewhere between Iberian Island and South America somehow united Polona, Timi, Vojko and Mitja Polono, Timija, Vojka in Mitja to encapsulte the spirit of Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, that without the shame vibrantly explores the antipodes of bordels and Milongas, and the ever fighting energies of joy and suffer, that were carved to the collective subconsciousness by the merchants, sailors, African immigrants etc. This is the music, that is almost sacredly played at night. It comes with the moon and dies with the sunrise…
Mascara combines musical virtues, that seems to have disappear longe gone. But, yet… There, on the sideway, resides the caffe Mascara and if you step closer, you can hear Marizo, Dulce Pontes, Astorja Piazzollo, Amalio Rodrigues and many of those who have protected their hearts by escaping the over flashy cliché spotlights.
– Grega Peer – tape editing and premastering
– Matjaž Stošič graphic design
– recorded in studio JORK