Greek loudspeaker manufacturer Rois Acoustics has unveiled Μinoas, a new flagship open-baffle dipole loudspeaker. Minoas is the culmination of the company’s 20-year-long experience in the design of open-baffle electrodynamic loudspeakers  (Their Dipole 6 model, back in 1994, was one of the very first such speakers in the world).
The “heart” of Minoas is the famous Tang Band 8” full-range driver, which handles almost the entire audio spectrum down to 200 Hz. There, it hands over to two custom-made 15” woofers with parameters optimized for open baffle operation and no-compromise construction (stiff kevlar cone, rubber surround, cast basket and hefty magnetic system with internal shorting ring). Minoas is actually a one-way, single-driver loudspeaker with its own, dedicated subwoofer!!

The crossover network is 1-st order and follows the design principle of minimal signal path and minimum “phase signature”,  having only one active component for each way (a single coil for the woofers and a single capacitor for the full-range driver).  The crossover is fully hard wired with completely detached low-pass and high-pass sections and constructed with top-quality, audiophile grade components.

The cabinet of Minoas is made by extra stiff Russian birch plywood, with special viscoelastic glue to dampen vibrations. Moreover, the full-range driver is mounted on its own separate baffle, which sits on top of the woofer cabinet with elastic sorbothane feet for maximum mechanical isolation. The cabinet can be ordered in a limitless variety of colours and finishes, ranging from low-grain matte finish to high-gloss piano laquer and even metallic, car-paint finishes.
Minoas is a unique loudspeaker, combining the free, dynamic and uncoloured bass of open-baffles with the musical coherency and holographic imaging of point-source, full-range drivers. Following simple and proven design principles, executed with numerous construction innovations and with uncompromising choice of materials, Minoas can offer “royal” listening sessions!!!
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