New Monitor Audio Hyphn Speakers

Monitor Audio writes: “Unique in shape, unparalleled in performance, Hyphn is the result of an intense collaboration between our designers and engineers, who set out to build the best loudspeaker anyone has ever heard. Featuring the new M-Array high- and mid-frequency driver array and four force-cancelled 8” bass drivers per speaker, Hyphn is capable of delivering an unrivalled listening experience.” 

Hyphn is a statement of intent.

Hyphn is a peerless, definitive, uncompromising demonstration of the Monitor Audio Group’s current design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and its future ambitions. It is unlike anything Monitor Audio, or anyone else, has ever created: the most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful loudspeaker in the company’s history. It delivers a dramatically enhanced listening experience, with a visually striking presence.

Born of Passion, Vision & Knowledge.

Hyphn is born of collaboration between our designers and engineers, who set out to build the best loudspeaker anyone has ever heard. An ambition that’s easy to express, but a lot more challenging to achieve.
Hyphn is intended to be a ‘statement loudspeaker’ both technically and visually. It is also designed for ‘real’ rooms, taking into account and addressing all the inherent constraints and compromises that entails.
– Emily Hesslegrave (Senior Product Designer)

Achieved Through an Inherent Understanding of Sound.

Hyphn is the more refined, further enhanced production version of the Concept 50 loudspeaker, unveiled to enormous media attention and universal acclaim in 2022.
Hyphn is a unique loudspeaker, created at a particular point in time through a combination of three specific factors: a deep understanding of the science of how we hear sound; solid engineering principles; and the creative freedom that comes with being an independent business.

Key Features

  • The unique M-Array configuration features a single MPD III Transducer surrounded by six RDT III dedicated midrange drivers
  • 3rd generation MPD III high-frequency transducers reduce distortion, flatten frequency response and lead to wider, cleaner more consistent and lifelike sound
  • RDT III cone produces piston-like control even under the most extreme performance, providing a more precise, lifelike tonal balance and lower distortion
  • Newly optimised Mid-range drivers ensure a completely smooth frequency transition with Tweeter
  • Carefully engineered crossovers produced to ensure the most exact and controlled sound performance across full frequency spectrum
  • Hyphn is available in three incredible finishes: Matte Black, Matte Heritage Green and Pure Satin White