Finally!!! Cannot wait to try it on my MSB Select II DAC… “The MSB Renderer was developed using an in-house hardware design running an ultra low noise A5 processor for optimal audio playback performance. The eight layer circuit board allows for the most compact design while still being able to offer features like full hardware based MQA decoding, Roon endpoint, and up to 32 bit – 768kHz playback.”

“The new Renderer is available for all MSB DACs starting at 1,995 USD. Version 1 Renderers can be upgraded at 1,000 USD.  Please contact your dealer to upgrade to a new MSB Renderer!”

-32 bit – 768kHz playback capable
-MQA hardware based decoding*
-Roon Endpoint
-Up to 4X DSD
-UPnP Protocal
-DLNA Protocal
*The Renderer adds MQA decoding to the DAC IV, IV+, and V for the first time and includes an additional Pro I2S input.  Retail 2,995 USD.