“Muraudio is pleased to announce the launch of the all new SP1. Based on the award winning Domain Omni series loudspeakers and Muraudio’s patented high output continuous curve electrostatic technology, the SP1 incorporates many of the same components in a smaller, lighter, contemporary design with luxurious finishing.”

“Each SP1 integrates Muraudio’s Continuous Curve ESL panel with four custom designed six-inch aluminum cone drivers to create a beautiful, immersive, panoramic sound stage.  With a full fidelity 120 degree horizontal listening window, and projected point source imaging, the SP1 delivers Muraudio’s signature “Sound is Everywhere®” listening experience.

Each SP1 is hand finished using state-of-the-art paint technology to create colours with a luxurious look.  Rich wood finishes in a variety of colour options are also available.
The Muraudio SP1 could be considered one of the most acoustically advanced, beautifully designed electrostatic loudspeakers available on the market today. At $14,700 USD, it is also very competitively priced.  “20/20 Launch” pricing is available for a limited time, with the first 20 pairs being offered at 20% off. At $11,750 USD, SP1 pre-sales are brisk.  Production is now underway with availability in summer 2018.”
Passive Hybrid Electrostatic
ESL Transducer Configuration
120 Degree Continuous Curve
ESL Dispersion
120 Degree Horizontal x 16 Degree Vertical
ESL Membrane Area
1,650 cm2 (active area)
ESL Membrane Type
Ultra thin tensioned Mylar film (3.8 µm)
LF Enclosure
Sealed design, curved multi-layer plywood, integrated upper and lower inertial reactionary mass dampers
LF Alignment
Sealed (Qts 0.72)
LF Driver Area (Sd)
340 cm2 (effective area of all 4 drivers)
Frequency Response
45 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB) Anechoic, 35 Hz – 22 kHz Typical Room with gentle 12 dB/octave roll off of sealed design (versus 24 dB/octave of typical vented designs)
147 cm x 42.3 cm x 36.8 cm
45 kg
Maximum SPL
103 dB at 2m on axis
750 Hz analog 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley
86 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dual 5-way gold plated binding post
8 Ohm (nominal) �2 Ohm minimum at 20 kHz
Input Power
125 Watts Nominal (RMS) 250 Watts Maximum (Program Peak) Recommended amplifier 50-125 Watts RMS into 8 ohms