New NOTE Yazz Speakers

The NOTE Loudspeakers Yazz is a two-way Audiophiliac loudspeaker with a modified 0,98 inch (25mm) ultra-low-mass silk fabric tweeter impregnated with organic polymers.and specially customized 7 inch (180mm) cone mid-woofer made of special varnished cellulose fibers and PUR membrane composite. 

It’s a sealed (acoustic suspension) system, rather than ported design, because it sounded more alive and dynamic than any other vented speaker. As a result, the sound is free of the bass boom and thickening!

The Yazz enclosure is assembled with extensive internal bracing, reducing material resonance caused colorations to minimal level. This solution ensures optimal working conditions for both drivers with a very positive effect in the entire frequency spectrum.

The basic construction element is HDF (High Density Fiber). The cabinet is reinforced with a system of precisely designed reinforcements, ingeniously suppressing the resonances that arise inside the enclosure during reproduction. 

The internal parts of the cabinet are effectively damped by a thick layer of special material, which aims to dampen any other remaining resonant modes inside the enclosure.

In practice, this solution manifests itself especially in the reproduction of the lowest part of the transmitted frequency spectrum. To prevent the formation of vertical standing waves and the optimal (working) adjustment of the efficiency of the speaker, a special absorbent of appropriate volume-mass density is placed at a critical point inside the cabinet.

A carefully optimised crossover design, without the use of printed circuit boards, featuring selected components, incorporating the high quality ceramic resistors, “audiophile grade” metallized polypropylene capacitors (MKP) and customized air core inductors to ensure optimum audio performance. The input terminals are gold-plated, insulated screw terminals. 

The outer side of the enclosure is finished in nature wood veneers and hand treated with several layers of high quality varnish to ensure a highest aesthetic level. 

The front side is made of a special fabric, which aims to absorb unwanted diffraction on the front of the baffle. A ring made of a special Audiobac absorber is applied to the front surface of the tweeter to minimize early reflections providing the speaker with holographic imaging (SE Edition).

NOTE Yazz speaker systems are standardly mounted on specially designed BASEBOY insulator stands. NOTE Baseboy insulators use advanced technology to minimize resonances from the baffle to the support surface and vice versa.

Every component in a NOTE loudspeaker has been carefully chosen to minimize distortion and coloration of the music.

Combining the top class materials and state of the art acoustic design NOTE Loudspeakers are capable of reproducing music with an unheard of portion of realism.

Technical Specifications

  • Description: two-way, sealed (acoustic suspension)
  • Tweeter: 1 x 0,98 inch
  • Midd-Bass: 1 x 7,4 inch
  • Crossover frequency: 1860 Hz
  • Crossover: Butterworth 12dB/oct. el.
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Dimensions: 37,4″H x 8,3″W x 13,8″D (not including feet or stands)
  • Weight: 101 lbs
  • Finishes: Black Datin Ash, Norse Walnut Brown, Satin Quilted maple, Nature Cherry, Exotical Wenge (Special Edition)

“Fidelity, dynamic and naturally realistic loudspeakers evoking a feeling of live music performance.”

“No audiophile adjectives, only Music in its basic essence.”