As the first of the new Reference range products begin to dispatch after rigorous production testing and some long listening seasons that at times took us into the next day, I can share with you all a few more images and details of what these new products are all about.

Plinius customers expect refinement in their audio equipment. We deliver that by focusing on excellence in every aspect of the product design and controlling every stage of manufacture in our facility, in New Zealand. This series redefines Plinius with new electronic designs that have been optimised into newly developed enclosures with a complimentary aesthetic across the products. A chassis colour shift from the bold globally recognised ‘Plinius Blue’ to the ‘Plinius Vintage Silver’ completes the sophisticated appearance.

Key Features of the Reference Model -10 Dual Mono pre-amplifier (RM-10) 
– All New Discrete Circuit Design. 
– Balance left/right Control
– High Performance HT Bypass
– Adjustable Line Stage Gain
– Dual Mono Configuration
– New Remote 
– Direct Input Selection from new remote or home automation system
Key Features of the Reference Amplifier -300 (RA-300)
– All new housing construction
– Custom high capacity/high temperature power supply capacitors
– Redesigned Low noise power supply 
– High quality/low noise audio grade capacitors throughout
– Class A/Class AB switchable 
– RCA, XLR, Stereo and Mono operation modes
– 3.5mm Trigger Input
– Shielded Neutrik XLR inputs
– WBT NextGen speaker terminals